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Discover The Invention – An Articulated Rack

We have created the first patented articulating Jet Ski rack to assist all personal watercraft users, including those with mobility restrictions, gaining access to their personal watercrafts when a FIXED cargo rack was obstructed on the rear deck.

With our GateOr invention, it is possible to load different accessories such as baskets, racks, coolers, supplies, equipment, and boxes.

Our team is working hard; each unit is handcrafted using a custom-made Form jig. It is true that it takes a longer time, but this increases the quality.

The GateOr by OrcaPak

You will not have to struggle to climb over the cooler rack when reboarding the ski. You will be able to climb back easily and feel safe during any trip with your Jet Ski.

We can definitely help you!

We’re pioneers in the area of articulating racks for Jet Ski and we’ve done a lot of cool stuff:

  • We love PWC’s.
  • We are long time user of PWC’s. 
  • Our products have been designed by a professional and highly motivated team,
  • We test all our products in a variety of different scenarios and environments.

Discover Orcapak Work History:

You can see how easy is to use the GateOr

I have struggled for more than 15 years to reboard my Jet Ski while carrying my cooler racks and camping equipment.

As a physically challenged and injured individual, this has been a life-changing experience for me.

It will no longer be necessary to climb over the cooler rack in order to reboard your jet ski.

We have been granted a permanent patent by the USPTO

  • We have been working hard, OUR HANDCRAFTED UNITS have been Field Tested for two years. 

Proven Info about Orcapak:

  • We are the Exclusive PWC articulating rack patented.
  • We have tested our racks in different environments to make sure we deliver high-quality products.
  • We take safety at high priority, we are working to always develop the best quality products.

I am using it myself, as a physically challenged, injured individual, and it is a life-changing experience.

If you are seeking to load different accessories, such as baskets, racks, coolers, supplies, equipment, and boxes, you should turn to the experts in the first Articulating Jet-Ski rack.

We can help you, NO more struggling climbing over the cooler rack when reboarding your jet-ski. Freeing up additional rear Deck space. Eliminate the Safety Concern of not being able to climb back, and feel safe in any situation or adventure with your PWC.

We can definitely help you to feel safe in your next pwc adventure

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